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Haimer GmbH

Universal 3D-SensorThe Universal 3D-Sensor is a very precise and versatile measuring instrument for milling and EDM machines (insulated probe). Once clamped into the machine spin-dle, the run-out (T.I.R) is fully adjustable to Zero. Then, it can be used to bring the spindle axis on the edges of the workpiece.

This allows to set zeros and to mea-sure quickly and easily. approachability in any direction (X-, Y-, Z- axis). When the di-al gage shows zero, the spindle axis is exactly on the edge of the workpiece.No calculating of the probe’s ball diameter is necessary – just Zero it out! Problems with mathematics or calculations are eliminated. It helps increasing the productivity and accuracy of the operator.

Short and long probes are available. The sensor probes may be changed without any tool, no re-calibration of the unit is needed.

Additional safety, the unit has a large overrun distance in connection with the fully tested preset breaking points giving the sensor long life. All Universal 3D-Sensors are individually tested and adjusted when being assembled in order to achieve a maximum of measuring precision.

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